Grandma Shirley


My kids called her Grandma Shirley,
She always sang the birthday song
And she never missed their parties,
As she made us all sing along
She had a funny way about her,
But she filled my life with joy
I married her oldest son,
One of three she raised from a boy
She had a colorful language,
There’s no doubt,
And she’d tell you flat out
What it was all about!
She could put on a tough front,
But truth be told,
She loved her husband and family
With a heart that was purest gold.
She always called me “daughter”, not “in-law”,
From the first day til the last.
She never worried about the future,
But she loved talking about the past.
Telling the stories of her girls and boys
And remembering every pet that they had
I saw her get angry over something done wrong,
But I never saw her sad.
Today, I miss her voice and her smile,
And that big hug she always gave.
The laughter that was hers alone
Has followed her to the grave.
Although her body is no longer here,
In her family, her spirit lives on
I’ll bet she’s laughing now,
As she dances around Heaven’s throne!
I’m so grateful for the years that I knew her
And for the deep friendship we shared
Give my boy a hug, Grandma Shirley,
And keep Heaven rocking til I get there!

– Debbie Dovel


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