John Deere & snowman

Winter is such a sad time of year.
Everything is black and white, or shades of gray and brown, with no bright color in sight.
Once in awhile when it snows and the sun comes out, we’ll see that brilliant blue sky, and everything looks clean and pristine with a mantel of sparkling white covering all the ugliness for a day or so.
Then it turns bleak again, as the snow melts into the hard ground, and gray slush splashes across the roads as the cars drive by.
It’s easy to get depressed this time of year and feel that life is a dreary succession of boring days, waiting for spring to arrive.
We have to look at it as a time of rest, rest for nature and for ourselves, if we will just slow down and stop living at breakneck speed.
Turn off the alarm and enjoy sleeping in on Saturday mornings.
Find a good book to read by the fire on Sunday afternoons.
Rent that movie you’ve been wanting to see, and stay up late watching it with your family and a big bowl of popcorn.
Go visit someone you’ve been meaning to for far too long.
Take your dog for a walk and feel the brisk winter air awakening your senses.
Call an old classmate or a friend you haven’t seen in years and catch up on one another’s lives.
Drop in at the local café to listen to the latest small town good-natured gossip over a cup of coffee.
Go to a local church and sing praises to our Creator, as you feel His spirit move you with love for your fellow man.
Maybe then we will find that it’s not the season or the weather that makes us blue, it’s a lack of connection to God and the people around us.
When we feel isolated, no matter what time of year, everything seems much worse than it is..
We have to reach out to our Maker, our families, and the people we share this space on earth with.
That’s what warms our hearts and takes away the cold dreariness of Winter.
Before we know it, Spring will arrive with it’s longer days and busier schedules, but try to keep the closeness you find in this slower season.
For none of us knows the number of days we have nor how long we will be blessed with our loved ones.
Make memories now, no matter the season, for that is what will get us thru the long winters of our lives here on the back roads.

–Debbie Dovel



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