One Day Closer to You

Chad picking up leavea, NCECBVI

As I lie in bed each night,
Thinking of the days that are gone,
Memories run thru my mind,
And I don’t know how I’ll go on

Without your smile in the morning
And your “Love ya, Mom” every night,
Life just doesn’t seem worth living,
And nothing can make it right

No one seems to remember you
Or even mentions your name
Their lives have gone on without you
But mine will never be the same

I know that you’re with Jesus
And the rest of the family there
You’re walking, talking, & seeing,
All the things you couldn’t do here

I don’t wish you back to this world
To the body that failed you each day
Although your spirit was strong
And you blessed us in so many ways

I just keep telling myself
When I don’t know what else to do
That every night when day is done,
I’m one day closer to you

One day closer to eternity
where we’ll never have to part
Where the lion lies down with the lamb,
And there’s only love in every heart

One day closer to that magnificent place
Where Jesus reigns as king
Where there’s no more death or disease
And with the angels, we will sing

Life gets harder here on earth
As Satan grows bolder each day
Taking the lives of unborn babies
And so many think it’s okay

Where marriage no longer stands
For what God created it to be
Living together has become the norm
And being gay is celebrated with glee

“In God We Trust” has been our motto
In this great country for so long
But now they say it offends the atheists,
I’m afraid soon it, too, will be gone

Just like prayer was taken from schools
And the Bible is no longer read
God’s laws are being ignored
And Christianity may soon be dead

When Christ comes for His church
And we rise to join Him above
There will only be hate left behind
No more compassion or love

I pray for those who are lost
To be saved before it’s too late
Family, friends, & neighbors –
Enter thru the narrow gate

For wide is the road that leads to destruction,
And there are many here who walk it
But narrow the way to life eternal
And you’ve got to do more than just “talk it”

Well, Chad, I’m glad we’ve had this little talk
I’ll keep praying and believing as you do
And loving everyone like you did
Until I’m one day closer to you

–Debbie Dovel


One thought on “One Day Closer to You

  1. Debbie, this is the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read. You are truly blessed and gifted. May peace be with you this holiday season. Vicki Hansen


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