Fall Favorites

Fall scenes

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

The smell of decaying leaves and wood smoke in the air, or the sound of the Canadian Geese overhead as they fly south for the winter?

Maybe it’s raking up and burning the leaves and stray branches that have fallen for a wienie roast with your kids in the back yard, or the trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out a Jack-o-Lantern to display on your front porch.

If you have teenagers in school, then you look forward to standing on the sidelines at your local football field on Friday nights, cheering for the home team as the smell of popcorn and hamburgers waft thru the air from the concession stand.

Sunday afternoons, you’re an armchair quarterback watching your favorite NFL team try one more time to make it to the Superbowl, thinking “maybe this year”.

The smack of helmets and shoulder pads and the sound of the referee’s whistle, whether in high school or on the big screen in your living room, brings back so many wonderful memories of your own days either on the field or watching your son play, sometimes wearing the same number on their jerseys that you wore so long ago.

I enjoy the return of the crisp, cool air and the deep blue Autumn sky, especially after a long, hot summer, shut in the house with the AC on.

The fantastic display of the bright colors found everywhere in nature this time of year thrills the soul; red, yellow, and orange plus every shade in between.

Fall is sad in a way, as nature puts on it’s best show before the curtain comes down and hides all the beautiful colors, preparing once more for Winter, but without the dormancy of the cold Winter months, Spring would not come again with it’s fresh birth of new life.

Most of all, Fall is a time of harvest as the crops are gathered in, and we thank God for his abundant blessings.

I think we humans could learn a lot from the seasons.

Our Creator put within us the desire to work, but He also wants us to take time to rest and reminisce on life.

Perhaps He meant for us to start slowing down in the Fall in preparation for a restful Winter when we have a shorter amount of daylight and spend more time indoors with our families, living the simple life here on the back roads.

-Debbie Dovel


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