It’s Still Me In Here

It's still me

I’ve heard it said of someone who seems wise beyond their years
that they have “an old soul”,
But I wonder if our souls grow old.
People change overnight when you’re not looking.
The parents you thought would always be middle-aged suddenly grow old,
and the child you still think of as a teenager, now has teenagers of her own.
Even the face you look at in the mirror sometimes seems like a stranger
with new wrinkles and either more gray hairs or less hair altogether,
But it’s still me in here.
Maybe if we could see one another’s souls,
we’d see they haven’t changed nearly as much as our physical bodies have.
Maybe when we looked at our spouse,
we’d still see their youthful spirit and the exuberance they once had for life,
and we’d act accordingly.
Treat them like we did when we first met, when we couldn’t stand to be apart.
When we looked at our elderly parents, we’d see the wants and dreams they once had,
before life’s trials and illnesses changed their physical appearance.
Then maybe we wouldn’t be so critical and impatient with them.
Our children would still have the innocent soul of a newborn,
looking at the world with trusting eyes and full of hope for their futures.
We’d cherish each and every moment we still have with them,
and do the best we could to assure them of our love.
If we could look into the mirror and see our own souls,
we, too, would see an entirely different reflection.
One that reminds us of who we really are on the inside,
and not the person we pretend to be most of the time.
Maybe we’d love that person enough to treat them better,
not constantly berate ourselves for every little mistake.
I think we need to remember that when God looks at us,
He doesn’t see our bodies, but rather our souls.
Because that’s also where his Spirit lives if you let Him.
These tired old bodies will one day turn to dust,
but our souls will soar on wings like eagles into another realm
where they will never age, but live for eternity
in the light of His love.

– Debbie Dovel


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