Feels Like Fall

cabin in fall

The last few days here in southwest Iowa have felt more like Fall than late Summer. The trees along the back roads are still full of green leaves, but they are heavy with dust and look weary, like they are ready to fall to the ground for a long winter’s nap. The flowers of Summer are drooping and starting to fade while the Chrysanthemums are getting ready to burst forth with the bright colors of Fall. Of course there will be more hot days before the arrival of permanently cooler weather, but this is a nice reprieve and a promise of what’s to come.
The sight of the big yellow school bus on the country roads and children in town walking to school with their backpacks strapped on signifies the return of a more scheduled life for many. Sports practices and homework fill their days after school and weekends are full of activity getting caught up on what didn’t get done all week for both adults and children. Enjoy these times with your kids, because they fly by much too quickly. It’s hard not to get caught up in the hectic lifestyle and long for some rest when your children are young and involved in learning and participating in sports and other activities, but don’t wish away all those special moments; your kinder gardener’s first day of school, watching your second grader score in soccer, your daughter’s first crush in 6th grade, all those elementary concerts with them dressed in their best, the excitement of finally making it to Junior High, and all the great things they learn and experience in High School. Those really are the “glory days” before they are grown and gone on to life beyond their small towns and families. Enjoy their innocence and seeing the world thru their young eyes while you can.
Have you ever noticed how the sky becomes a brighter blue in the Fall? It’s like God adds a deeper color to the heavens as a backdrop for the magnificent shades He paints the trees in Autumn. Before long, we’ll be seeing the farmers out in the fields harvesting this year’s crop in their big green or red combines and trucks sitting in long lines at the grain elevators. The geese will be flying overhead to the warmer southern states for the winter, and the deer’s bright red coats of summer will be exchanged for the warm camouflage shades of Fall.
Until then, let’s enjoy the last days of Summer. Take one more trip to the lake or wherever you long to be over Labor Day weekend. Go fishing, camping with the kids, or to your favorite swimming hole one last time. Wear your flip flops or run barefoot thru the grass while you still can. As summer winds down, take the time to enjoy all it still has to offer here on the back roads of life.

– Debbie Dovel


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