Grandpa’s Songs

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Grandpa, play some songs for me
Like you did when I was young
The ones by Hank, Elvis, and others
“Hey, Good-Lookin”, “Jailhouse Rock” & “16 Tons”

You sang and played your guitar
While I tried to sing along
Just the two of us and the dogs
Making music and singing our songs

Sitting in front of the old wood stove,
In your overalls and John Deere cap,
I sat beside you in my NASCAR shirt
As you played the guitar on your lap

My years on earth weren’t very long
But I cherished the time we shared
Down in the shop at your farm
I always knew that you cared

Now that I’m in heaven
You might think I’m too far away
To hear your music and laughter
But it’s just like yesterday

You may not hear me singing
But now I can see and hear you, too
I’m waiting for you to join me
And until the time that you do ~

Please play my old guitar, Grandpa
I want Mom to give it to you
I’ll be listening for our favorites
Now, don’t let this make you blue

Cause Heaven is full of music
And there’s lots of things to do
Family and friends to visit with,
But there’s no one quite like you

So, put on a pot of coffee
And tune up those guitar strings
I’ll be sitting beside you tonight
While God’s angels listen to us sing!

Love, Chad
– Debbie Dovel


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