Summer on the Back Roads

girl & kittens

Summer on the Back Roads

Waking to the sound of birds singing just outside the window,
Walking outside and feeling the warm, wet blanket of humidity drop onto your shoulders,
Seeing the mist rising from the fields and the dew drops on the grass,
Looking across the hills to see the dust cloud miles away that tells you a car is coming
Hearing the sound of the AC kicking on throughout the day and being thankful for it!

Flip flops, shorts, swimming suits and afternoons spent at the city pool,
Watering the flowers, pulling weeds, and mowing the yard
Barbeques, watermelon and ice cream,
Outside fun with family and friends,

Evening rides to see how tall the corn is and if the soybeans are gonna make it this year,
Watching for the deer and their fawns in their bright red summer coats,
Raccoons scampering across the road with their little ones in single file behind
The majestic eagle on it’s roost out by the interstate, watching the traffic go by

Kids out of school, freezer pops, and bologna sandwiches
Fresh tomatoes, zucchinni, and corn on the cob,
Water fights, bare feet, mosquito bites and sunburns
Big round bales in the fields and cows cooling off in the ponds

Yard sales, flea markets, and the rodeo
County fairs, beauty queens, and blue ribbon cherry pie,
Carnivals, funnel cakes, and sweet cotton candy
Going to the zoo and vacations with the family

Seems like life slows down and time crawls by on lazy summer days,
Keeping it simple, feeling no rush, calm and peaceful as you turn in at night
Cause tomorrow will be another chance to get it all done in the long daylight hours of ~~
Summer on the back roads

–Debbie Dovel


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