Birthdays Without You

happy birthday, son

Birthdays Without You

We celebrated our birthdays together
The first week in June
You complained that it took too long to get here,
But I thought it was much too soon!

June 3rd, 1989, the day you were born
I couldn’t wait to see who you’d be
Came home on my birthday, the 5th,
You were God’s gift to me

Beautiful baby boy with big blue eyes
Your sister loved you from the start
So happy to have a little brother
You filled a special place in her heart

Your dad finally had a son
Although his girl was a joy
Our family was now complete
With the arrival of one little boy

For the first few years,
Our lives were a riot!
We didn’t think you’d ever talk,
Then we couldn’t keep you quiet!

Oh, what I’d give to live those years again
When life was “normal”, before we knew
That your life would change so much
From the age of 8 to 22

Even when you became blind
It never stopped you for long
You learned Braille so quickly,
But walking with a cane just seemed wrong

You were the boy that ran everywhere
And the cane just slowed you down
Your guide couldn’t keep up
When you were walking down town!

Over the years, we saw you failing,
And we didn’t know what to do
So many doctors couldn’t figure it out
They just didn’t have a clue

At age 22, we took you to Mayo
Those days just seem like a blur
Our beautiful son had a fatal disease
For which there was no treatment or cure

They told us you might live til 30
But life would get harder each year
Til you’d be in bed all the time
And you wouldn’t know who we were

At 24, you finally left us,
For your Home in the sky
I know you’re healthy and happy now
But I didn’t get to say good-bye

When I celebrate our birthdays without you
My heart longs to hear you say,
“Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you–
We’ll be together one day”

Today, you’d be 26
How I wish that you were here!
I’ll bake your favorite cake
As I brush away the tears.

I know you’re having a party with Jesus
But one day I’ll walk thru Heaven’s door
On your face, I’ll see that big grin
And we’ll celebrate together once more.

– Debbie Dovel
June 3, 2015


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