Another birthday is here,
And I’m so depressed.
I don’t think I’ll even get out of bed,
And get dressed.

I used to look forward
To this day with delight.
Now I just want to avoid it,
Like the blight.

When you’re a kid,
You can’t wait to grow up.
You celebrate each birthday,
Like an eager young pup.

You start to feel your age,
About the time you turn thirty.
Then the word “birthday”
Starts to sound dirty.

Every year after forty,
Is a trial to get thru.
The “big day” comes,
And all you feel is blue.

I’m starting to notice something
That’s amazing to me.
Some of the older folks,
Are celebrating birthdays with glee.

Maybe they’re senile,
And out of their heads.
They don’t know that getting older
Is something to dread.

Or perhaps the kid inside
Has come back to life,
Looking forward to birthdays,
With childish delight.

They’re thankful for each year
That they’re still alive and kickin’,
Each birthday is a celebration,
That their heart is still tickin’.

Maybe in a few years,
I’ll feel the same way.
But right now I’m not too thrilled,
To be another year older today!

By Debbie Dovel
June 5, 2015


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