A Mother’s Plea

Chad & Colby

The Blind Leading the Blind

This photo is of my son, Chad, & his friend, Colby, at NE Center for the Blind when they were teenagers.  I wrote the following poem in 2005 when Chad was 16, and Colby was the only friend who truly understood & accepted him, because as you can see, he was blind himself.


He only wants them to like him,
To be just “one of the guys”
But he always seems to say the wrong things,
No matter how hard he tries.

They call him a “freak” and a “dummy”
Do they think that he can’t hear?
They laugh and think it’s funny
When he can’t tell who’s there.

He used to be their friend
Way back in grade school
Then something happened to him,
And now they can only be cruel.

He may be losing his vision,
But they have lost their heart
They no longer care about him,
And it’s tearing him apart.

He only wants to be normal,
Drive a car and get a job,
Simple things they take for granted
But of which he has been robbed.

He stumbles along with a cane
When he longs to run free.
He lives in a world of darkness
When there’s so much beauty to see.

He sits at home in his room
Playing his games all alone.
Waiting for someone to come over
Or at least call him on the phone.
He lives a life without hope
Of ever seeing again.
He has his family for love and guidance,
But he really, really needs a friend.

He’s had so many disappointments in life,
I don’t think he can take another
He’d just like to go somewhere–
With someone besides his mother.

Please have some compassion
For others less fortunate than you
Reach out your hand in kindness
And help pull them thru.

Remember it’s only by God’s grace
That this didn’t happen to you.
Think about what it must be like,
Put yourself in his shoes.

Take time and really listen,
Stop calling him names.
Start thinking of someone else,
For a change.

The benefits are far greater
Than you can realize.
God will bless those who take the time
To make a difference in someone’s life.

By Debbie Dovel
January, 2005


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