Chad & Fish

I wrote the following poem a few years ago, and recently revised it after the loss of my son last year.


My God, my God, I ask you why,
Why did my son have to die?
He was only 24 with his whole life to live,
He had so many dreams & so much to give.

My God, my God, what could I say?
When every night my son prayed
For eyes that could see & legs that were strong,
Asking me what he did that was wrong.

My God, my God, can you explain
Why in the world is there so much pain?
The disease took his childhood & then it took him
A sweet young man who never knew sin.

My God, my God, I wonder if you could
Tell me why bad things happen to the good?
So many fighting cancer & other disease,
With no hope for a future, tell me please. . .

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
Were the words Jesus spoke from the tree,
When God turned his back on his only Son.
He said, “It is finished”, and it was done.

He died on the cross to save you & me,
This sweet, gentle man who made the lame walk
And caused the blind to see.
Three days later, He arose from the dead,
And I kinda think, this is what God said,

“Why, oh why did my Son have to die?
I gave you a perfect world in which to abide,
But man chose to sin causing death and decay,
Yet still, I loved you enough to make a way.”

“Don’t you think it hurt to see him suffer & bleed?
The Savior dying for your bad deeds.
He did it willingly, so don’t be sad.
Just don’t ask me WHY, when things go bad.”

By Debbie Dovel

We all ask why when tragedy comes calling at our door, but actually what do we expect in this sinful world?  That grief & pain will never touch us?  Mankind deserved to be destroyed way back in the Garden of Eden, but God, in his mercy, made a way for us to be born again and attain a glorified body and an address in Heaven when we die, if we trust in his Son who bore our sin on the cross.  Every day is a gift, and each person we love that God allows into our lives, no matter how brief the time, is to be cherished.  The people we love and the special moments & years we share with them are the “bonus” in this life.  If we could only see what God has in store for us in the eternity beyond the confines of this earthly realm, we wouldn’t question every diagnosis, disappointment, & death notice we receive.  Do I miss my son?  Yes, every moment of every day, and it HURTS!  But I don’t ask why anymore.  I know he will be waiting there for me when I enter the gates of Heaven with that big grin on his face.  The next time I see him, he won’t be blind, sitting in a wheelchair, barely able to speak.  He’ll run into my arms, seeing my face clearly for the first time since he was a boy & telling me of all the wonderful things he’s done since God took him home!   How selfish it would be of me to wish him back into that body that failed him more every day, just so that I could have even one more day with him here.  What an amazing life he is living right at this moment just beyond our consciousness.  Leave the light on for me, Chad, I’ll be home soon!


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